Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country Recount

Last week on friday we had our cross country race, on that day we had assembly Mr Burt was wearing blue Mr Burt said that he doesn't have a house, and he said that why he was wearing blue was because that his eyes was blue that's why he was wearing blue.
When assembly was finished we all went  to our class, when it was morning tea we ate our morning tea when the playing bell ring we played games and when the second bell ring we all have to go to our class, and we only get to do 5 minutes of maths when maths was finished the eating bell ring and it was the lunch bell, we all ate our lunch when we was done we all went to play when it was nearly the cross country race time, we all went to our class, when the second bell ring we all lined on the correct lines when the race was starting the year 1 boys went first,

then the year 1 girls went, when it was the year 5 girls turn we all lined up on the line, Mr Burt said ladies are you ready to do the cross country race we all said yes when the big clapping thing bang we all run as fast as we could, when we was done we get to drink water THE END.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Creative Writing

One cold autumn day I was sleeping when there was a knock on the door I rushed to the door I said to myself I wonder who that could be. It was my friend Thazin she came to my house with her blue bike, she said come on let’s go ride our bikes at the forest and I said yes that is a great idea first I said let’s have breakfast Thazin said what’s for breakfast, I said pancakes and whip cream Thazin said yummy when we were finished Thazin said go and get your blue bike and I said ok when I got my bike, Thazin said what about the picnic basket
I said I will go get it, when that was done we ride our bike to the forest when we got there we ate our lunch our lunch was sandwiches fruit drinks and chocolate cake. When that was done we pack up and ride our bike Thazin said that she can see lot’s of trees, animals and puddles. I said that I can hear the leaves from the tree falling down to the ground. Thazin said that she can taste the fresh air at the forest. I said that I can smell the leaves from the trees.

She said that she can feel the cold, that was our story THE END.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Can He Save Her?

Once upon a time, spider man was sleeping on his bed, when he heard someone was yelling he quickly went outside, and went to help that person that person was a lady the lady said to spider man that a villain took her bag, and went to the villain place but spider man know who it was it was the Joker.

When spider man went to the place he saw Joker with the bag inside the bag there was money, when Joker went outside he took the bag with him spider man was angry that they started a fight when spider man punch Joker on the face he was bleeding spider man took the bag and gaved it to the lady, the lady was happy THE END.