Thursday, 22 September 2016


In the holiday’s, we are going to New York City. We are going with a airplane to get to New York City. When we get to New York City, we are going to new shop’s there.

Then we get to play at the trampoline park.
When we went to the trampoline park we will do some fright flip, and back flip. Then we will go to the coffee shop, when we get there

My mum and dad well buy two coffee’s for my dad and mum.

Then we will get 4 juice the juice will be fanta. Then we will get 6 ice creams, when it’s firday we will go to the bubble gum park at, New York City. When it’s Sunday we will go to the teddy bear park, it will be so fun.

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Comic Strip


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Truck Between The Tree.

Once upon a time, once there was a family
That live nearby the city. The family was so poor that they don’t have much money to buy anything once there was a old lady. That had a blue truck at her house, the old lady does not like the blue truck so she sale it for $10 so, the poor family saw the blue truck then they buy the blue truck.  When the poor family buy the blue truck, the blue truc,was flying towards the the tree the truck was between the tree. When the old lady saw the blue truck the old lady, was trying get the truck down from the tree the truck was falling down, then then the truck fall down then the truck was broken for ever The End.

Monday, 12 September 2016

In the weekend

In the weekend my family went to the beach,
we got to play in the hot sunny sand.
Our cousin came to the beach as well we had lot’s of fun at the beach.
Our family and cousin had a swim and my baby sister was playing in the hot sunny sand. We played beach volleyball we had lot’s of fun.
Our family and cousin had a feast and a sleepover at the beach house.
In the morning we had breakfast. The breakfast was chicken ,meat and chips.

Friday, 9 September 2016

In the weekend

In the weekend we are going to the long beach, the long beach as a lot of crabs and fish that we can eat.
In the long beach we well dig a big hole and put some sea water in the sand hole, and swim in the hole with sea water. We are having a picnic my dad and uncle is going to fish some crabs and fish.
In the long beach the sand is so hot that we need some shoes to ware at the long beach.
The sea water is so warm that every one can swim in it.
We played beach volley ball with our friends.

Visitor at Long Beach ...

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

My Love Poem

I love you like a shiney bright in my red bright heart,
You are the one that I love you are the shiney love ever.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

once upon a time

Once Upon a time, their was a girl named Holly she had a mum and a uncle, her mum gave her a crown to Holly it meant a lot to her. Then that day her mum had past away only her uncle was alive and Holly.
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Once there was a fight at the castle at night her uncle was a brave knight. Two bunny’s was coming to the castle, the bunny’s was so big that the two bunny’s, was eating all of the people in the castle when Holly, woke up she saw the two bunny’s eating the people in the castle, then Holly said to the two bunny’s go back home and drink some tea at your house, then come back to our castle at night time then they did come, back at night to the castle something good happen. They live happily ever after.

My roses poem

Roses are red you're going to college. Study real hard and you'll get some knowledge. Enjoy the city it's really retro, i'll be driving your car but you got the metro. Enjoy new friends call your dad on the phone you can live there 4 years. But then get your Butt home.

My Food Poem

Bugs Are yuck foods are yum, drinks are better then you, strawberries are yum that you can make juice out of it, going to the shops and buying some toys to play with your friends, eating some pizza well be so yum then you think.

The Hare And The Tortoise

The Hare and the Tortoise was having a race, the Tortoise was so slow that the hare was all ways, been a show of every time when he see the Tortoise.