Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Truck Between The Tree.

Once upon a time, once there was a family
That live nearby the city. The family was so poor that they don’t have much money to buy anything once there was a old lady. That had a blue truck at her house, the old lady does not like the blue truck so she sale it for $10 so, the poor family saw the blue truck then they buy the blue truck.  When the poor family buy the blue truck, the blue truc,was flying towards the the tree the truck was between the tree. When the old lady saw the blue truck the old lady, was trying get the truck down from the tree the truck was falling down, then then the truck fall down then the truck was broken for ever The End.

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  1. Hi Rozaidah maybe next time you post you can read it again and in your story at the end you have added alot of truck so maybe you can change ti up.Keep up the great work.