Thursday, 10 November 2016


Yesterday on Wednesday of the 9th of November. We went to Sylvia park to watch
some Pt England school Manaiakalani Films.
When we got there we went inside the big screen. We got to sit down in a big red couch it was soft to sit on, when the presenters was on the small stage they were telling us about the film. It was really fun we got to watch about 20 films. When all of the films were finished, we went to the school bus. Then we got to school back for morning tea.  

My favourite film was room 13’s movie. Why I like my own class film is that it’s more good and fun to watch everyday at home or at school. The film was called love generations and Rozaidah, Thazin, Api, Faga, was in the film.

In the photo I saw Delijah with a bun in her hair.
She was wearing a short pants and a t shirt. The pants was blake and a red t shirt.


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